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our mission

Expand the joy of Kubb across the Twin Ports and surrounding regions while building lasting friendships and comradery within the community.


How we are accomplishing our mission:

  • Community Outreach

    • Community Learn to Play Kubb events

    • Private Learn to Play Kubb sessions

    • Introduction to Kubb in schools

  • Provide Opportunity

  • Provide Support

    • Organizing public/private Kubb events

    • Forming Kubb clubs/organizations

    • Community outreach opportunities

Are you considering hosting a kubb event, looking to include kubb as part of another event, or simply interested in learning more? PLEASE reach out to us so we can provide you with the support you need!!!

mission highlights and examples

Lake Superior Ice Festival - 2020 Kubb Tournament - January 25th, 2020

Lake Superior Kubb was able to introduce and teach over 300 people the wonderful sport of kubb during our annual tournament! Yes, we love hosting tournaments, but what we love even more is watching other people get hooked on the game!!

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